Galvanize & IBM Team Up To Support Women in Tech

Galvanize & IBM Team Up To Support Women in Tech

As part of our mission to provide opportunities for underrepresented groups in technology, we’re launching an exciting partnership with IBM to support women in data science and data engineering. IBM will commit to provide support to female participants in Galvanize programs, from tuition assistance to mentorship to internships and employment opportunities. A total of $150,000 will be made available in tuition assistance for female data scientists and data engineers. You can apply for our programs and learn more about these opportunities now.

In this partnership, IBM will serve as the Program Sponsor of Galvanize Data Science, deepening its commitment to educate more than one million data scientists and data engineers on Spark. Along with the new IBM award for Women in Data Science and Engineering, students will also be given the opportunity to apply for internship programs and capstone projects at IBM. Working closely with members of the IBM Analytics team, women participating in Galvanize programs will have access to the latest advances in analytics technology and gain hands-on experience with a wide spectrum of software solutions.

According to Girls Who Code, only 14 percent of computer science graduates today are women, a decline from 37 percent in 1984. Galvanize and IBM are committed to diversifying the tech talent pipeline and inspiring the next generation of business leaders to think differently about how technology can be used to transform business and redefine industries; by supporting organizations and programs that empower women in technology and address the lack of women in technology professions.

Just last week, Galvanize announced that we joined the White House and Obama’s TechHire initiative in providing more Americans with access to careers in STEM. We’re excited to make this important next step toward training tomorrow’s data scientists and creating more opportunities for women in tech.

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