Galvanize Forms Trade Association with Other Industry Leaders to Establish Accountability & Standards for Immersive Education


Galvanize, along with nine other top coding schools, announced today the launch of the New Economy Skills Training Association (NESTA). Formed in support of the White House’s TechHire initiative, NESTA is a trade organization to establish best practices, standards, and increased accountability for outcome-based New Economy Skills Training (NEST) organizations. Their first initiative will be to establish standardized reporting methodology for student outcomes across immersive schools.

“From the very beginning, Galvanize has been focused on student outcomes. Students trust us with their futures, and we have an obligation to hold ourselves to rigorous standards. With NESTA, we’re excited to take a massive step forward in building more credibility and trust for the emerging immersive education industry,” said Ryan Orban, Galvanize VP & NESTA Standards Chair.

Each school will report data on total number of enrollments, graduates, and job-seeking students who accept paying work within 90 days of finishing their program. In addition, average starting salary, time to hire, and other metrics will be collected and verified by third-party CPAs to ensure accurate reporting.

As part of their commitment, Galvanize and other NESTA members issued a letter to President Obama earlier this week to outline their commitment to publishing and verifying outcomes on an annual basis.

“To achieve the ambitious goal you’re setting of 50,000 people trained in the next two years,” they write. “[O]ur industry will need to expand dramatically and responsibly – ensuring we provide a quality education that satisfies the stringent demands of top companies across the country.”

The TechHire initiative laid out Obama’s plan for providing more support and pathways for Americans seeking jobs in the tech sector, and the White House has allocated $100 million in grants and programs that focus on teaching technical skills. With NESTA, the industry is moving forward to ensure that modern institutions will be able to scale fast enough to to meet the our economy’s surging demand for talent.

“NESTA is instrumental in our journey to revamp out-of-date educational institutions and provide tech companies with the influx of talent they so desperately need. Growth, innovation, and the future of our country depends on our ability to teach students the skills they need to thrive in the workplace,” said Jim Deters, Galvanize co-founder and CEO.

NEST organizations that are interested in joining the initiative can apply for NESTA membership here.

Prospective students can learn more about Galvanize’s industry-integrated educational programs in coding and data science at