Galvanize & Codecademy Partner to Offer a Complete Pathway from Beginner to Full-Time Developer

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I’m obsessed with the concept of “the learner’s journey.” How does someone—someone who has ambition and aptitude—go from interest in coding to become a full-time developer? Here at Galvanize, we are focused on helping people make that journey. Our immersive program in software development gives students the tools and experience they need to be a contributing member of a development team and the industry exposure to find a job in the technology field.

But what about the very first piece of that journey? Where do learners go who are just getting interested in coding and technology? Today, we’re taking a step in defining that journey from interest to mastery through a partnership with Codecademy, the online destination that teaches anyone in the world how to code. Millions of people benefit from Codecademy’s incredible, hands-on platform and we are honored to work with them.

Now, those who visit Codecademy will be presented* with a “Path” to becoming a full-time developer, which starts online at Codecademy and finishes in person at Galvanize. This Bootcamp Prep Path provides a foundation of knowledge for those looking to take the next step into Galvanize’s immersive education. The online Bootcamp Prep Path on Codecademy will ensure that students not only understand the fundamentals before they take on more advanced concepts, but that they also have a genuine interest in a full-time web development career.

The first fifty students who finish the pre-bootcamp path will get a guaranteed interview with the Galvanize admissions team, and anyone who finishes the path will be eligible for reduced tuition at Galvanize Web Development. If you’re an absolute beginner who wants to learn to code, you can start the Bootcamp Prep path on Codecademy now.

See you on Codecademy and on a Galvanize campus soon!

Learn more about Galvanize Web Development here.

*Those in the US, and are using the English version of Codecademy. In order to be eligible for the tuition discount, applicants should complete the full prep path before applying to the Galvanize Web Development Immersive. You MUST complete it before submitting the technical exercise (Step 1 of the application process). This discount applies to anyone who submitted an application after October 5, 2015.