Galvanize CEO Jim Deters Shares A Word On Our Updated Placement Rates


Galvanize provides a learning community to train junior web developers and data scientists to succeed in our technology driven world. Every day we see the challenges that our members, startups, and established companies face, making sure they have the talent with the right skills and mindset to grow their business. That is why we are focused on building our curriculum and programs around the skills that industry needs.

It is going to take massive cooperation by hiring companies, communities, and training companies like Galvanize to create a bridge between the need for talent and those who have the aptitude, drive, and determination to address the growing skills gap and take a lead in this digital transformation.  It is a solution that cannot be faked.  You either help people develop the skills they need to become successful web developers and data scientists…or you don’t.

While we believe that long-term success is the most important metric, in the short term the placement rates of graduated students are the most timely and accessible measure. Unfortunately, as anyone who has followed recent news with coding schools knows, the variables of placement rates, from the definition of graduated student to the definition of placed graduate, are up for discussion.

Galvanize is registered and certified with the regulatory body of every state where we run a training program, as defined by that state.  Each state has slightly different definitions of how it requires the calculation of placement rates and we report per the standards in each of those states.  On our published public material like our website, emails, printed collateral, and recruiting material we default to what many consider the most stringent of regulations with respect to time post-graduation to place a student, the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE).  

The BPPE looks at annual placement rates six months after graduation of the last student in that year. As Galvanize graduated classes in December of 2015, this means that 2015 numbers were just finalized in June of 2016.  Galvanize took the extra step of having our 2015 placement data audited by the accounting firm EKS&H.

We are now updating all of our published placement rates as a combination of our 2014 and 2015 data, with links to the data by year per the BPPE definitions.  We are extremely proud of the 91% combined placement we achieved with our massive growth between 2014 and 2015.  We also are proud of the caliber and breadth of companies that have hired Galvanize graduates this year, including Microsoft, OpenTable, Pivotal, Tesla, Oracle, PayPal, Salesforce, Facebook, Lyft, Apple, and Allstate.

And while we are proud of our accomplishments and the accomplishments of our graduates – we are not complacent. Galvanize will never be happy until 100% of our students and recent graduates are employed, and we will continue to improve our preparation of prospective students, application process, instruction, student support, and career services to reach that goal.

Galvanize will always be transparent in our reporting while working with industry, government, and our peers to improve the standards and to keep the focus on transforming lives and creating value for individuals and businesses.  We look forward to playing a big part in the solution to the skills gap and welcome those who want to join us.


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