Galvanize Boulder Opens Doors to New Campus

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The 26,000 square foot Galvanize Campus is officially open at 1023 Walnut Street in Boulder, Colorado in the heart of the West End dining and nightlife scene and just across the street from Twitter and Techstars. The space will span the first two floors of the southern flank of the PearlWest development, which stretches between Walnut and Pearl Streets west of 11th Street.

Fans of the company’s existing campus, fret not. Galvanize will hang onto that space for its local employees and as a center of excellence for enterprise training. While upcoming partners haven’t yet been announced, past projects have included re-skilling coders at companies like AllState and IBM. It’s always been the company’s plan to expand their Boulder facilities into PearlWest, making ample room for more classes and learning opportunities for budding web and mobile app entrepreneurs and their teams.

With Emilie Kintner (recently named one of Boulder’s Top 40 on 40 best and brightest young professionals) at the helm, the new campus is poised to be a bar-setting influencer in Boulder’s thriving tech community. Here’s why:

First and foremost the space is built to encourage the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge wherever possible.

The ground-level floor will feature one of Galvanize’s signature Gather cafes, a public coffee shop where the next entrepreneur might meet a mentor from a current Galvanize member company or the talented web developer in training they’ll need to hire when they get their idea off the ground.


“The whole idea is that business relationships and community are built over breaking bread, or sharing a cup of coffee,” Kintner said.

Secondly, the new campus makes a priority of education and developing fresh talent, by making students, quite literally, the center of attention.

boulder floor plan 2

The second floor’s conference and working spaces encircle three state-of-the-art classrooms, which are set to offer web development courses in 2017 and later some data science programs.

“The campus was intentionally designed to give lots of visual cues that education, for both entrepreneurs and student members, is up front and center,” Kintner said.

The businesses occupying the campus can choose from shared workspaces or private suites (and private collaboration booths). Members have access to professional resources like mentorship, networking events, and a pool of talented web developers, as well as conference rooms, a community kitchen, bike storage, patio seating and more.

Work-Life balance will be easy for new students and members to achieve because the new Boulder campus is nestled against the Flatirons and tucked in Boulder’s dining and nightlife center–meaning you can hit the trails the moment the day is over (and then a hit a happy hour on the way back).

“Boulder attracts people who are utterly passionate about building successful and impactful businesses and/or products.  As well as individuals with aptitude, determination, and drive to change their lives or retool their skill set by attending one of our immersive programs,” Kintner said. “But, equally as important to those individuals and what draws people to Colorado is the ability to step outside of your office to go for a trail run, for a bike ride, or hop up into the mountains on a snow day.  It’s people who, I know it’s cliche, work hard and play hard.”

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