Our Seventh Campus – Galvanize Austin Opens in 2016

Our Seventh Campus – Galvanize Austin Opens in 2016

I’m excited to announce that Galvanize will be launching our seventh campus in Austin, Texas, in February 2016. This marks a significant milestone in Galvanize’s history as we take a momentous step in making modern, outcome-driven education accessible to all. Austin continues to  rank in the top 3-5 places in the US to start a company and is home to industry giants like IBM and Dell.

We’re excited to build our community with the awesome individuals in Austin. Galvanize will be hosting workshops, meetings, and info sessions leading up to our grand opening. Sign up to be part of our growing community and see how you can make an impact.


When Galvanize was born 3 years ago, we set out to reinvent modern education for technologists and entrepreneurs, based on the premise that traditional educational institutions are failing to deliver on their promises. We are truly building something special at Galvanize, and I believe that the countless stories of students and founders whose trajectory was completely changed by coming to one of our campuses prove that what we’re doing is working.

Over the last year, we’ve experienced incredible growth across all our campuses and markets. What began as one building in downtown Denver is now a massive, collaborative community of lifelong learners spread across 6 campuses in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, San Francisco, and Seattle. 96% of our graduates get full-time work after graduation – this is a huge testament to the work we’re doing, the partnerships we’ve established, and amazing ambition of our students.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, which is why we’re launching in Austin early next year. We’ve seen incredible demand in the market for experts in programming and data science; by launching our courses in Austin, we’ll be able to provide one of the United States most exciting tech hubs with the industry-ready technical talent founders and businesses need to level up.

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