Galvanize and Atlassian Team Up to Provide $20k in Scholarships for Aspiring Developers


To create a truly inclusive workforce, we have to ensure that anyone with ambition has a chance to become a developer and join the tech world. A big part of my mission at Galvanize is to ensure that we’re providing the right opportunities to to help diversify our industry. Today, I’m happy to announce that Atlassian, one the world’s leading tech companies is providing $20,000 in scholarships to underrepresented groups at Galvanize Full Stack.

This opportunity specifically targets two students in Austin and two students in San Francisco – particularly women of African American, Latina, or Native descent. Of the tech companies that released demographic data in 2015, women on average are only represented by 34% of the workforce, which is well below 51%, the actual representation of women among the US population.

During and after the program, students will get access to Atlassian mentors, meet Atlassian developers, and possibly be considered for full-time positions with the companies after graduation. Atlassian is one of the world’s leading software companies, and we’re excited that they will be working with us to help shape the next generation of developers.

Please share this scholarship with anyone eligible who would like to learn to code! If you’d like to apply for the scholarship, please request request more information at  Stay tuned – we’ll announce the four award recipients later this year.