Career Services


What is Galvanize’s hiring placement rate?

Web Development Immersive: 84% within 6 months, $70,221 average starting salary

Data Science Immersive: 81% within 6 months. $100k average starting salary

More information about our outcomes:
Our placement rates are updated here based on requirements put forth by the states in which we operate. Learn more at on our citations page.

What companies employ Galvanize graduates?

Tech titans that hired graduates immediately after the program include Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Tesla, Uber, Square, Pivotal Labs, Coursera, TechStars, IBM, American Express, and more. There are also a large number of small startups who have hired graduates of our courses. While many of these companies are based in and around the cities where Galvanize has campuses, some of them have offices all over the world, and we have partners across the US.

How does Galvanize produce outstanding outcomes?

Galvanize measures the success of our educational programs on the employment rates of our students. The Career Services Team on each Galvanize campus prepares students for the job search with the necessary skills and tools to launch their new career journey, develops and manages relationships with external hiring partners, and creates opportunities for students to actively learn from, and interview with, those hiring partners. In short: we help you build your new professional brand, and then give you the opportunity to take that brand into the job market. Hiring events and activities may include on-campus interview days, guest lectures and fireside chats, informational interviews, and office hours/mentoring sessions.

Is there an active alumni network?

Yes, there are over 300 Galvanize Immersive alumni from San Francisco, Seattle, Boulder, and Denver classes living across the United States working in web development and data science roles. Galvanize frequently hosts alumni happy hours to connect current students and graduates.

What type of job opportunities have alumni secured upon graduation?

Our alumni have landed roles in all sorts of companies of various stages and sizes. From small teams and early stage startups within our communities, all the way up to our larger corporate hiring partners such as IBM and American Express. Likewise, our alumni are spread across multiple industries, from healthcare, education, entertainment, finance, and many others. Our graduates work all over the world, and it’s up to you decide where you want to be and we will try to support where we can (we’re limited to where we have resources). We obviously have high concentrations of students living and working where they attend class but in sum, “the sky is the limit!” — we just helped placed a student from a recently graduated cohort in Berlin, Germany!

How does the Career Services Team help me?

You will work with a Career Services Manager in the city in which you attended the program. They will help you identify your strengths and career interests, help you refine your career goals, and identify opportunities for you to connect with hiring partners. If your career search is focused outside of your current location, we can help connect you with a Career Services colleague in another Galvanize location. Working in tandem with each of our Career Services Managers is a Partnerships Relations Manager, dedicated to identifying, cultivating, and developing regional and national employer relationships for you and all of our Galvanize students.

While Galvanize does its best to help you secure the job of your dreams, our past success is not predictive of future performance and we rely on you to actively market yourself to potential employers and to use the resources we make available to you.

What kind of employment and hiring events does Galvanize offer?

When you join Galvanize, you not only build a new set of skills, but a new professional network. The entire Galvanize community is committed to your professional success, and committed to providing you in-person opportunities to engage with employers so that you can pursue your new career path. Employer and hiring events may include opportunities to showcase capstone presentations to external experts and mentors, on-campus interviews, and networking events. To see an example of the companies you may see represented on your campus, please see a list of our Hiring Partners on the web page of your preferred education program.

How long will I have access to Career Services after graduation?

A Career Services Manager will work with you for six months after your graduation, or until you are hired. As with any of our academic and co-curricular programs, a successful job search requires your active participation and commitment, whether it be finishing your resume on-time, attending events, practicing interview skills, or actively communicating your job search status.