International Students


International applicants to Galvanize are eligible to apply for our programs provided they have the visa status to support living in the United States for the duration of the program. Because our placement services are centered primarily in the United States, we cannot offer placement support internationally. We encourage international applicants to fully research their visa and work options before attending a Galvanize Immersive program as H1B sponsorship can be challenging. Galvanize and UNH will assist admitted Masters of Science in Data Science (GalvanizeU) international students with an I-20 in order to obtain a F1 visa. This only applies to the Master’s program beginning with the Fall 2016 cohort. Applicants for our immersive programs are responsible for securing their own visas. Galvanize does NOT provide visa support for our immersive programs.
Generally, no. If you are authorized to work in the United States, Galvanize offers a network of hiring partners and structured job placement assistance within established areas such as Boulder, Denver, Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco. If you are not authorized to work in the US, and need a company to sponsor a H1B, you will take sole responsibility to find employment here if desired (see below for what is provided to international students). We are happy to refer you to international contacts, but cannot guarantee any job placement results from doing so. This constraint applies to anyone who needs an H1B visa to work legally in the US.
Students who who have a valid OPT visa, with authorization to work in a field directly related to data science, are eligible to take part in our Hiring Events as long as the OPT is valid for at least 2 years following the Data Science program.
The services we offer to our International Students who need sponsorship include:

  • Career Services Curriculum, including workshops in storytelling, interviews, and creation of job search collateral
  • Job Leads, when we know that the roles are either located abroad or sponsorship is available.

The services we do not offer to International Students are:

  • Custom 1:1 support following the program
Unlike university education programs, Galvanize is a non-accredited academic institution, therefore student visas are not applicable for our immersive programs. However, some past students have used remaining time on a student visa from another institution to attend.
Depending on the visa requirements of your home country, you may be able to attend the Galvanize Data Science Immersive on a three-month tourist visa. Galvanize cannot assist in your visa process.