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Who are we?

Galvanize Experts is the expert services arm of Galvanize. We perform different types of data science and full-stack projects with an option for full placement. Each project is supervised by Galvanize faculty and supported by a team of experts, practitioners, and developers.

Areas of Expertise

As part of our mission to train industry-ready data scientists and full-stack students, we’ve built a team of appointed professors and instructors with extensive academic and industry experience. Our expertise is spread across multiple disciplines.

Data Science

  1. High-level Machine & Deep Learning
  2. Data Engineering
  3. Applied Statistics & Statistical Modeling
  4. Data Strategy: Building Teams and Roadmaps
  5. Natural Language Processing

Full Stack Web Development

  1. Ruby on Rails
  2. Ember // Angular // React
  3. Node / Express
  4. Scala


Sponsor a “Plug-and-Play” 3-week Project (For Free)

Engage with an upcoming graduate and enjoy the opportunity to work with our dedicated, smart, and ambitious Data Science/Full Stack Immersive students. This collaboration will result in a prototype of a data product or an end-to-end analysis.

Sponsor a 6-month Long Masters Project

Engage with a seasoned Data Scientist to tackle a large-scale project. Develop an on-going relationship with our Data Science Masters students and let them show you how to hack the science behind the data.

Custom Project on a Deliverable Schedule

We can tailor deliverables to fit the Data Science/Full Stack timeline and needs of your business. This is an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship with our experts, community, and students.

Placement Opportunities

Hire Data Scientists

Graduates of our Galvanize Data Science and GalvanizeU have experience in statistical analysis, machine learning, software engineering, and working with data at scale. We provide access to this talent pipeline through private hiring events.

Hire Web Developers

Graduates of Galvanize Full Stack have experience in javascript, node, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and other industry-focused skills. We provide access to this talent pipeline through private hiring events.


All GalvanizeU students complete a 3-month internship with one of our Hiring Partners.

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