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SeattleJS: Security and Web Workers @ Galvanize Seattle

July 14, 2016 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Shazam! It’s SeattleJS time again. Join us the 2nd Thursday in July at Galvanize for a heart-stopping, death-defying, and spell-binding meetup where we’ll be learning about about security and web workers. Why are you still reading and not clicking the RSVP button?


Topic 1: Continuous Security

by Adam Baldwin

@adam_baldwin | gh evilpacket

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Adam’s talk will discuss how to shift culture to give application security the attention that it needs and how to adopt a continuous security process for your team, one that isn’t obstructive and annoying but enabling so you can write better, more secure software.

Adam Baldwin is the Chief Security Officer at &yet and the Team Lead at ^lift security where he helps developers secure all the web things! He is the Founder of the Node Security Project & talks about node security non-stop. In his free time Adam enjoys doing basically the exact same stuff he does for work, also raising chickens, and spending as much time as possible with his wife and 2 children.


Topic 2: Rise of the Workers

by Parashuram N

gh axemclion | blog

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Modern web applications are awesome. And complicated. The Javascript libraries that power them today do a lot of work to abstract away the hard parts. Whether using constructs like Virtual DOM, or fancy change detection algorithms, the amount of work that the Javascript library does is only increasing.

Unfortunately, all this work now competes for the same resources that the browser needs, to do things like render a page, or apply styles. In many cases, this makes the browser slow, preventing the web application from attaining its full, smooth experience.

Web workers have been in the browser for a while, but they have mostly been used for engaging demos like adding mustaches in a cat video 🙂 In this talk, we will explore how mainstream Javascript libraries like React or Angular use Web Workers to get great performance. We will look at quantitative numbers from hundreds of test runs that conclusively show how Web Workers can make apps faster. Finally, we will also look at practical examples to convert existing examples, and the potential limitations of this approach.

Parashuram is a front end developer and web performance enthusiast and author of tools like browser-perf. He has created the Web Worker based render for ReactJS and runs “science-like” experiments to explore ways to make web applications faster.

He is also an open source contributor, a committer in the Apache Cordova project and works as a Program Manager in Microsoft.


Thank you to Galvanize for hosting!

SeattleJS is recorded and available each month after editing is complete. See past recordings on the SeattleJS channel on YouTube.

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