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New York Data Science presents Preparing for Kaggle Competitions

January 19 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Kaggle was founded in 2010 as a platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions on which companies and researchers post their data and statisticians and data miners from all over the world compete to produce the best models. This crowdsourcing approach relies on the fact that there are countless strategies that can be applied to any predictive modeling task and it is impossible to know at the outset which technique or analyst will be most effective. Kaggle also hosts recruiting competitions in which data scientists compete for a chance to interview at leading data science companies like Facebook, Winton Capital, and Walmart.

At this meetup, you will learn more about the Kaggle community and how Kaggle competitions work. Kaggle has run over 200 data science competitions since the company was founded. It is best known as the platform hosting the $3 million Heritage Health Prize.

Competitions have resulted in many successful projects including furthering the state of the art in HIV research, chess ratings, and traffic forecasting. Several academic papers have been published on the basis of findings made in Kaggle competitions. A key to this is the effect of the live leaderboard, which encourages participants to continue innovating beyond existing best practice. The winning methods are frequently written up on the Kaggle blog.



  • Opening discussion is on moving from local tools (RStudio, SPSS, Weka, etc) to enterprise tools that can perform data science against massive amounts of data (TB, PB, etc.)
  • Presentation on Hadoop, Spark, and Data Science Experience (DSX) – an online environment for data science project development and collaboration. http://datascience.ibm.com/
  • Digit recognizer competition using Tensor Flow in python
  • Reviewing simple competitions: Titanic (https://www.kaggle.com/c/titanic) & Digit Recognizer -(https://www.kaggle.com/c/digit-recognizer)


Who should attend

Everyone! The goal is to eventually compete in a competition.



The basics of language, Machine learning algorithms and its implementation, previous Kaggle datasets.

It is highly recommended to review the following in order:


Meet your Speaker: Michael Harkins, Solutions Engineer – Open Source Analytics at IBM



Michael Harkins holds an MS in Information Systems Engineering from NYU-Poly, and is an Open Group Master Certified IT Architect & Specialist. Michael has extensive experience deploying IT technologies, and working with development teams to improve and enhance products. His past efforts centering on IT management, monitoring, automation, provisioning, orchestration, and Cloud Computing, have uniquely positioned him for his current calling: Big Data initiatives. Through requirements gathering, analysis, solution design, Proofs-of-Concept, pilots, and implementations, and by focusing on tactical and strategic application of IT adoption, Michael has continually improved customer satisfaction, enabled clients to achieve ROI, and enhanced product capability.



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January 19
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Galvanize NYC Pop Up
315 Hudson St
New York, NY 10013 United States


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