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Integrating Mindfulness, Self-Care & Effective Communication in the Workplace

December 16, 2016 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm



Workshop Date / Time: Friday December 16, 2016 1-5pm

About this workshop:

An introduction to workplace mindfulness, self-care, effective communication and cutting-edge leadership and team facilitation techniques for the Galvanize Community. Translating what is at times esoteric and inaccessible to simple, and digestible terms, and inviting a shift of individual habit and organizational culture towards systems that are healthier for the individual, and more efficient and productive for the collective.

You’ll Learn How To:

  • Keep your body and mind healthy and alert during long hours working at a desk
  • Communicate effectively with others without the need for being passive or aggressive (or passive-aggressive!)
  • Tools for managing and preventing the build-up of stress from work and life
  • Run meetings in a way that holds space for the creativity and voice of all people involved
  • Other resources, events and spaces in San Francisco for wellness, community and engaging our creativity!

Target Audience:

  • Individuals & Teams that have businesses at Galvanize
  • Students in the Master’s program at Galvanize
  • Individuals using Galvanize as a co-working space ie “Digital Nomads” or those working alone
  • Galvanize Staff interested in gaining more insight of integrating a Holistic work practice
  • Any team/company looking for a sustainable model for meeting the intense expectations of industry while simultaneously staying healthy and sane!
  • Select Members of the Holistic Underground Community invited to help hold space and provide community who are already familiar with leading a holistic lifestyle

Workshop Schedule:

  •  Drop in between 2-5pm:
    • Professional Massage Therapy (15 minute slots to be booked in advance or per availability)
    • Tea & Herbs Lounge
      • (Limited Availability) Tea, Herb and Nutrition Consultations, one on one
    • Chill Music
  • 1-2 pm First Session
    • Practice: Desk Health and Sustainable Laptoping
    • Workshop: Stress Management
  • 2-3pm Second Session
    • Practice: Vinyasa Yoga Class
    • Workshop: Effective Communication
  • 3-4pm Third Session
    • Practice: Stretches for the Workplace
    • Workshop: Self-Care
  • 4-5pm Fourth Session
    • Practice: Grounding and Workplace Mindfulness
    • Workshop: Team Building and Meeting Dynamics

Meet Holistic Underground:

Our Mission: Creating an integrative model for organizational and community development by uniting the arts, social justice & holistic healing.

The Holistic Underground is a 501c3 community development non-profit organization Providing personal and professional development training, events and services for businesses and organizations in the Bay Area. This allows us to provide these service for reduced cost to non-profits, activist groups, artists and low-income communities. This dynamic is an important element of bridging the gap between communities.

Our programs focus on:

  1. Providing day-to-day tools for resolving conflict, managing stress and staying healthy
  2. Increase the creative and collaborative capacity of staff
  3. Deepening understanding of social, political and cultural systems and how they inevitably affect our work
  4. Develop customized systems and spaces for a workspace culture of self-care, empathy and assertive communication


December 16, 2016
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Galvanize – Speakeasy
44 Tehama Street
San Francisco, CA 94105 US