Transform Your Business with Cloud Native Development Training

Elevate Your Development Team

In every market, speed wins. Dominating the digital space demands agility, rapid innovation and the ability to move at startup speed. Can your business deliver?
Up-skill your development team with the 12-week Cloud Native Development training from Galvanize and Pivotal. Our expert instructors come to you to conduct comprehensive, on-site training in technologies that will empower your company to develop and deploy applications in a fraction of the time when compared to traditional methods. With this valuable training, you’ll move faster than ever and transform your developers into agile, self-organizing teams versed in modern cloud development methodologies.
Improve global productivity by adopting agile ways of developing and delivering products that provide infinite value to a client.

Industry-Leading Training, Innovative Tools

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) | The industry standard for PaaS open-source
technology. PCF delivers a platform that enables developers to continuously deploy and monitor MicroServices.

Spring/Spring Boot/Spring Cloud Services | Create stand-alone, production-grade applications and services with minimum hassle and maximum speed.

Agile Methodologies | Prime your business for acceleration with pair programming, test-driven development and continuous integration.

The ideal candidate will have experience with:

  • OOP in Java
  • Interfaces and classes
  • Class and method annotation
  • JSON APIs (basic)
  • IntelliJ / Eclipse

Program Details

Course Length | 12 weeks
Format | 55% instruction 45% hands-on
Location | Your offices or one of our campus locations
Course Size | 30 developers per cohort