Denver Startup Week Delivers Record-Breaking Attendance


Denver Startup Week is nearing its close, but what a week it was! With a record-breaking number of attendees –– 12,500 –– DSW just became the biggest free entrepreneurial event in North America.

Attendees enjoyed a huge variety of events, from high-level strategy talks to creative fare like “Founder F*ck Ups” and “DISH Presents HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ in Denver: The Intersection of TV and Tech Startups”, a laugh-filled panel featuring actress Suzanne Cryer and show writer Adam Countee.

On Thursday night, eight companies vied to be crowned the champion Denver Startup Week, and win a prize package worth more than $25,000. Sponsored by Project X-ITE, this event saw pitches covering everything from airbags to artificial hearts.

Denver Startup Week, Now & Then

From a humble 3,500 attendees exploring 70 events in 2012 to the staggering 12,500 people who attended more than 300 events this year, Denver Startup Week continues to grow in volume and prestige.

Tami Door, co-founder of Denver Startup Week and the president and CEO of the Downtown Denver Partnership, issued a statement on the 2016 record:

“We convene community better than anywhere in the country, and Denver Startup Week is an excellent representation of our thriving and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our strength in numbers grows our culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and further establishes a powerful platform in Downtown Denver to attract the most innovative companies and investors in the world.”

Denver Startup Week has played a significant role in solidifying Denver’s reputation as a hub of tech innovation. It continues to drive inspiration, exploration and progress in this dynamic country, and we can’t wait to see what it looks like next year.


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