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Whether you wish to develop web pages for a living or simply want more control over posting content to the web, an understanding of web development is an invaluable skill set. This 8-week workshop focuses on both the technical and design related skills needed to create fully responsive web sites for screens, tablets, and mobile devices. Using HTML5 and CSS3 you’ll design and implement at least two fully functional websites. Throughout this structured workshop, you’ll get to work with each and every student in the class applying the materials from the lessons, as well as having plenty of one-on-one time working the instructor and getting every question you have answered.

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Who is This Workshop For?

Web Designer

You wish to take on more web work at your current company, move into a more creative company building and maintaining websites, or even manage client's websites as a freelancer.


With your love of learning, you want to have fun tackling something new to see how far you can take your skills or simply see if this something you enjoy.

Future Full Stack Student

This workshop is not required, but if you are considering becoming a Galvanize Full Stack Developer, you’ll find it extremely helpful to have strong knowledge of web design before entering the Full Stack program.

Student Success Story
Karl Larson

Karl was an accountant the last three years making a very good salary, but knew it wasn’t what he wanted to do for the next 30+ years. He enrolled in this Web Design Workshop during the summer of 2014, and gained both the foundational knowledge as well the confidence to know that this was exactly what he wanted to do with his career. Hungry for more, he also took the Master Web Designer workshop, and within four months of starting on this new career path he had the skills and confidence so he quit his job and is now managing clients as a freelance web designer—doing exactly what he loves.

Our Instructors

Matthew Leach

Matthew Leach
Instructor & Workshops Director | Denver - Golden Triangle

Matthew Leach teaches this workshop and manages a number of the Galvanize workshops. He is a recognized leader in website design and development with 20 years industry experience and 14 years in the classroom. Adobe recognized his contributions at the collegiate level by making him an Adobe Education Leader in 2010. In addition to his teachings, Matt has written four textbooks on web design and created all the of course material for this workshop—much of the material from his textbooks has been integrated within the course materials of this workshop which is taught at each location. Matt approaches teaching web design in ways to make even the most complex concepts easy to understand and apply within your own projects.

Derik Linch

Derik Linch
Instructor | Boulder - West Pearl

Derik is a Colorado native who has always been inspired by technology and how it can improve human lives. He is a Galvanize Full Stack graduate and is really excited about teaching, especially showcasing tips and tricks that he learned the hard way. Although he worked on the sales side of tech for a few years, now he enjoys building cool things with code and design. He also likes to participate in hackathons, read science-fiction, hang out with his dog, and workout.

Michael McCormack

Michael McCormack
Instructor | San Francisco - SoMa

Michael is a senior software engineer at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, where he leads project teams in building products using Extreme Programming Agile methodologies. He did not always have a penchant for engineering. Instead, he had a ten year career in music as a professional drummer before diving into engineering school in 2009. He graduated with a bachelors in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley. While in school, Michael worked with NASA, Qualcomm, and Pivotal Labs.

Claire Lyles

Claire Lyles
Instructor | Seattle - Pioneer Square

Claire is a Front End Web Developer and Designer at Mystride, wearable app for horseback riders. She has a passion for Seattle’s startup community and enjoys teaching aspiring developers how to code. Before switching careers into Web Development, Claire graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Industrial Engineering and worked at Tesla Motors. When Claire’s not attending local coding MeetUps or running along Alki Beach, she can be found cantering horseback through the trails of Washington.

Tawnya Foster

Tawnya Foster
Instructor | Denver - Golden Triangle

Tawnya is crazy for story, people and connection. She has been a front end designer/developer for 7 years with experiences in global corporate marketing to owning her own digital design studio. She loves the fact that before she became a developer, digital meant online shopping and now she creates online experiences. An extension of her passion is teaching and helping people craft their own story. After helping students grasp the fundamentals, she wants to help them develop their own ability to problem solve and continue a curiosity for what is next.

Course Topics

  • HTML and CSS Relationship
  • Semantic HTML5
  • HTML5 layout techniques
  • CSS selectors
  • Attributes selector
  • Floats
  • Display Properties
  • Web Hosting
  • Development Process
  • Page Design Tips
  • Web Typograph
  • Web Colors
  • Web Measurements
  • Grid-based Columns
  • Methodology BEM
  • Pseudo selectors
  • Responsive Media Queries
  • Professional Tools
  • Frameworks: Bootstrap & Foundations
  • Responsive Images & Media
  • Personal Portfolio Tips
  • PHP & Contact Forms
  • Local Web Server
  • CSS Animation & Transitions

If any (or all) of this terminology is intimidating—don’t worry! Throughout this course you’ll be introduced to these concepts in a friendly way and will be able to apply all of these new techniques easily to enhance your own projects.


There are no prerequisites for this workshop. If you have absolutely no knowledge of web design or limited knowledge of HTML & CSS, then this workshop will be perfect for you.

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