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$77K Average Starting Salary

2014-2015 Placement Data

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2014-2015 Placement Data

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Web Development from the Ground Up

Galvanize Web Development is a 24-week program that teaches you how to make an impact as a contributing member of a development team. The program culminates in hiring day, where students meet potential employers, present projects, and show off everything they’ve learned.


After graduating from the Web Development Program, many of our alumni pursue roles as full-stack software developers, while others pursue roles in front-end development, quality assurance engineering, product management, and sales engineering. Throughout the Galvanize program, students have the opportunity to explore these career paths and engage with professionals working in the field, as well as potential employers.

Where our Graduates Work

After leaving Galvanize, our students go on to work at some of the most exciting and innovative tech companies all across the country. Here are just a few of them:

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Wes Reid

Wes Reid
Lead Instructor | Denver - Golden Triangle

Nmuta Jones

Nmuta Jones
Lead Instructor | Denver - Platte

Kyle Coberly

Kyle Coberly
Lead Instructor | Denver - Platte

Danny Fritz

Danny Fritz
Lead Instructor | Denver - Platte

One of the best things about programming is how many different things you can do with it – you really can take it any direction you want.

Savannah Worth, full stack graduate and programmer at IBM


Rooted in the NEAP stack (Node / Express / Angular / PostgreSQL), our program covers the languages, frameworks, and computer science fundamentals you need to land a career in web development.

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Node, Express & SQL




First Quarter

JavaScript Fundamentals and Client-Side Programming

  • Command Line Fundamentals
  • Git Fundamentals
  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • HTML / CSS Fundamentals
  • JavaScript and the Browser
  • Consuming Web APIs
  • Static-site Hosting
  • Agile Project Management
  • Personal project

Second Quarter

Server-Side Programming w/ Node | Express and PostgreSQL

  • Node Fundamentals
  • SQL and Relational Database Fundamentals w/ PostgreSQL
  • Server-Side Programming Fundamentals w/ Express including:
    Form-based authentication and OAuth
    Authorization and Middleware
  • Deploying Node apps
  • Programming asynchronous code w/ Promises
  • Git for teams
  • Group project

Third Quarter

Angular | Single-Page Applications | APIs and Microservice Architecture

  • AngularJS Fundamentals
  • Single Page Application Concepts including Authentication
  • API Design and Implementation
  • Deploying to EC2
  • Deploying to Cloud Foundry
  • Working in unfamiliar environments / new technologies
  • Group project

Fourth Quarter

Data Structures | Capstone Project | Graduation

  • Algorithms
  • Object-Oriented Programming in Statically Typed Languages (Java)
  • Automated Testing
  • Capstone Project
  • Interview Preparation
  • Networking events
  • Graduation


As part of our curriculum, you’ll work on individual and group projects, including a personal capstone project through which you'll showcase how you apply your new technical skillet to solving real business problems. Here are just a few awesome things our students have built:

Walk Safely
Layne Mcnish

Mashup of crime maps and Google walking directions

View project

Pry Saac
Steven Turek

Kill your bugs before they kill you

View project

Solar Flare
Jeff Hostetler

Monitor solar array systems and improve efficiency

View project

Alex McRitchie

Strategy game based on Game of Thrones

View project

Galvanize full stack is the only external immersive program that consistently produces the industry-ready engineers that can meet Pivotal's standards

Rob Mee, Pivotal Labs

Campus Life

At our campuses, diversity and collaboration are the norm: programmers, data scientists, and community members learn from each other and work together. With expert instructors, startups, and industry partners working side by side, there’s always someone to help you get unstuck or offer you new challenges to put your skills to the test.

Career Preparation

You will work with a Career Services Manager in the city in which you attended the program. They will help you identify your strengths and career interests, help you refine your career goals, and identify opportunities for you to connect with hiring partners. Working in tandem with each of our Career Services Managers is a Partnerships Relations Manager, dedicated to identifying, cultivating, and developing regional and national employer relationships for you and all of our Galvanize students.


The application process for Galvanize full stack takes about six weeks. You’ll get a take-home exercise, and there are also two interviews with Galvanize faculty – one to assess your goals for the program, and another to evaluate your programming ability. Programming experience isn’t required, but we are looking for advanced beginners who’ve taught themselves the basics.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We offer partial scholarships based on merit, demonstrated financial need, and increasing participation in technology among underrepresented groups such as women, veterans, minorities, and people who identify as LGBT. We also partner with Skills Fund and Climb Credit for students who need help financing their tuition.

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