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Having strong HTML and CSS skills may have opened a number of doors for you in this industry, but have you ever felt held back from working with a client because they were asking for more than just a static web site? This 8-week workshop will teach you more advanced techniques to take your web development skills to a whole new level.

As you learn how to code using Sass, PHP, MySQL, and JQuery, you'll soon learn how easy it is to apply all of these techniques with your own personalized design choices to build powerful WordPress themes. Clients will then have access with todays most popular content management system (CMS) to update and modify their own content and utilize the powerful plugins readily available within the Wordpress framework. In addition to working with GitHub to manage version control and collaborative development, you’ll also learn a number of important freelancing skills such as client acquisition, how to charge your clients, and best practices for communicating and managing them. If any (or all) of this terminology is intimidating—don’t worry! All of these skills will become part of your routine as you take greater control and begin building more complex websites.

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Who is This Workshop For?

Freelance Web Designer

Clients are almost always asking for more than just a static web page and the skills & techniques covered will significantly help you meet those needs. This workshop should allow you the opportunity to charge 2x-5x times more money than a traditional static website. You will not only learn these necessary skills, but how to get paid for your services.

Future Full Stack Compliment

Learning to push your front-end development skills can be an amazing compliment to your back-end development skills. Being efficient at front-end development can significantly make your web designs stand out more. This workshop can also help you prepare for our Full Stack program.

Our Instructors

Chris Holder

Chris Holder
Instructor | Denver - Golden Triangle

Chris Holder is a user-friendly designer and developer, specializing in WordPress development, with 9+ years of industry experience. His background began with a love for technology, picking up a BFA in Graphic Design along the way, and since he has become a staple in the development community in Denver. Chris teaches development from a problem-solving mindset and likes to help people at all different levels learn how to build with WordPress.

Course Topics

  • Sass
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JQuery
  • Client Acquisition
  • Setting Project Costs
  • Managing Larger Projects
  • Communication Tips w/ Clients

If any (or all) of this terminology is intimidating—don’t worry! Throughout this course you’ll be introduced to these concepts in a friendly way and will be able to apply all of these new techniques easily to enhance your own projects.


It is important that you have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS before taking this workshop. The expectation of each student is that you can build a web page from the ground-up. If you would like to improve your HTML and CSS skills first, please consider taking the Zero to Web Designer Workshop.

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