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If your goal is to become professionally employable as a programmer or web developer in Austin, then it would be difficult to make a better choice than learning JavaScript right now. This 8-week workshop is no substitute for our 24-week full-time Web Development program, but this workshop will teach you a number of useful techniques in how to use JavaScript to build interactive websites and create immersive web experiences by working on real-world projects. This workshop is geared to those that don’t have any previous knowledge of JavaScript, but you’ll quickly build a foundation with this language to apply to many different applications.

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What Makes this Program Different?

One of the great things about JavaScript today is the amount of resources available to assist people that wish to learn. Although sites like Codecademy provides free lessons teaching the foundations of JavaScript, all too often students work through the lessons without actually knowing what they are doing or how to apply these lessons to anything else. This workshop incorporates the knowledge from many of these free resources, but takes the concepts and code much farther. Working in pairs during class and having an instructor that can provide the personalized education can simply take the mystery out of learning JavaScript.

Why is JavaScript Useful?

JavaScript is a coveted skill in the industry today: from heavy user-interaction on websites like drag/drop and keyboard interactivity to real-time web sites that feel like desktop applications with visualization of large data-sets and video/audio interaction. JavaScript is what makes apps like Gmail, Google Maps, and Facebook possible. Looking at any job board, you’ll see nearly every web developer and programming position lists JavaScript as a needed skill. Don’t get us wrong; JavaScript is not the ONLY language you should ever learn. What’s great about JavaScript’s ubiquity in the web world is that it is the only language that you HAVE to learn—again, no other language can take you as far if what you want to do is create web applications.

Who is This Workshop For?

Web Designer

You want to learn JavaScript to enhance your existing front-end web skills to create more dynamic and interactive web sites and make you more marketable in todays demanding industry.


You are interesting in learning more about JavaScript and back-end programming to see if it is something you enjoy. Maybe you’ll build projects for clients or just for yourself, but having fun learning something new is more important.

Future Full Stack Student

This workshop is not required, but if you are considering becoming a Galvanize Full Stack Developer, you may find it extremely helpful taking more time to explore JavaScript before entering Full Stack program.

Our Instructors

Derik Linch

Derik Linch
Instructor | Boulder - West Pearl

Derik is a Colorado native who has always been inspired by technology and how it can improve human lives. He is a Galvanize Full Stack graduate and is really excited about teaching, especially showcasing tips and tricks that he learned the hard way. Although he worked on the sales side of tech for a few years, now he enjoys building cool things with code and design. He also likes to participate in hackathons, read science-fiction, hang out with his dog, and workout.

Jenny Allar

Jenny Allar
Instructor | Denver - Platte

Jenny Allar is a software engineer at Welltok, Inc. in Denver, but comes back to teach where she was also a Galvanize Full Stack graduate. She is native of Detroit, Michigan and has spent most of her early career working in education and digital media and is now excited to share how to help students build a passion for programming with JavaScript.

Michael McCormack

Michael McCormack
Instructor | San Francisco - SoMa

Michael is a senior software engineer at Pivotal Labs in San Francisco, where he leads project teams in building products using Extreme Programming Agile methodologies. He did not always have a penchant for engineering. Instead, he had a ten year career in music as a professional drummer before diving into engineering school in 2009. He graduated with a bachelors in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of California at Berkeley. While in school, Michael worked with NASA, Qualcomm, and Pivotal Labs.

Joshua Hutt

Joshua Hutt
Instructor | Seattle - Pioneer Square

Joshua Hutt is a Senior Software Engineer working at MaxSam Partners, based out of Seattle, WA. He has been working with JavaScript for over three years and has built a variety of websites, tools, and applications in it. His favorite stack includes Node, Angular, and the Ionic Framework -- a stack that shows just how much he loves JavaScript.

Course Topics

  • Javascript Development Tools
  • Javascript Document Object Model
  • Javascript Document Object Model
  • History API, dynamic URLs in JS
  • LocalStorage, save to disk
  • AJAX, JSON and management APIs
  • Object oriented programming
  • Functions and Instructions
  • Workflows and remote collaboration
  • Dispute resolution
  • Variables, conditions and cycles
  • jQuery
  • Working with Terminal
  • Create an application based on MVC
  • Efficiently manages forms
  • Production deployment
  • Effects and animations with JS
  • Version Control with Git & GiHub
  • Create an information architecture oriented Documents

If any (or all) of this terminology is intimidating—don’t worry! Throughout this course you’ll be introduced to these concepts in a friendly way and will be able to apply all of these new techniques easily to enhance your own projects.


It is important that you have a strong understanding of HTML and CSS before taking this workshop. The expectation of each student is that you can build a web page from the ground-up. If you would like to improve your HTML and CSS skills first, please consider taking the Zero to Web Designer Workshop.

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