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Take your big data engineering skills to the next level with Spark

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Learn Spark for Big Data
4-week Workshop
Evenings: Twice a week

Are you ready to take your data engineering skills to the next level with Spark? In this class, you’ll learn to batch process data, build data pipelines and process data in near real time with Spark.

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Module 1 Transformations/Actions, Pair RDDs, ReduceByKey, GroupByKey, Joins, Partitions Narrow and wide transformations and stages, caching and persistence, checkpointing
Module 2 Data Frames, Data Formats: JSON, CSV, Avro, Parquet, Compression Caching, Select and Filter, User Defined Functions, AWS and S3
Module 3 Micro-Batches and DStreams, Transformations and Output Operations, Windowing operations State DStream, Checkpointing and Fault Tolerance, Deployment and Monitoring
Module 4 Map-Side Joins, Closures, Broadcast Variables, Accumulators Optimizing Joins, Data Skew, Partitioning, Coalescing, Metrics Using Application UI

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