CNN is on the Money: How Galvanize is Innovating the Future of Tech


So if you put those three macros together, basically, w the only limiting factor to success was your own skills and your own access. Big focus for Galvanize, we really focused on three things. We teach web development skills. We run a six-month web development program. We teach data science skills. We run 12-week data science immersive. And we build entrepreneurship and innovation programs for member companies that range from first-time aspiring entrepreneurs to some of the world’s largest Fortune 50 brands.

Late 2013, we taught our first class and graduated our first class in August of 2014, 26 students. Fast forward now, 3 and 1/2 years, we have almost nine campuses in the works, from Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Seattle. We’ll teach more than 1,000 students this year and have about 2,000 different members on our campuses.

Everybody is a software company now, and the skills in the technology world are constantly changing. What tools are relevant and in demand today will not be the same tools next week. And organizations need to be hiring new skills of agile, transformative engineers, but they also need to modernize their existing engineers. And if you bring those two things together, you build this very beautiful industry innovation collaboration tech community.


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