Campuscene Wins 1776 Challenge Cup Denver 30 JAN

Last Thursday, Galvanize hosted 1776 Challenge Cup’s Denver stop as part of their 16 city international search for the world’s most promising startups. In each city, the competition consists of 2 rounds of pitches culminating in winners emerging in the four categories of health, education, energy and smart cities. Those regional winners will then have the chance to compete in D.C. at the international level.

One of the category winners in the Denver regional competition was none other than Galvanize community members, Campuscene.

“We were so excited to participate in the 1776 Challenge Cup. The quality of competing startups involved was incredible and it is such an honor to represent the city of Denver and Galvanize at the international level,” said co-founder Dave Meyer.

Dave Meyer and Ryan Schwartz are no stranger to major accolades. This year they’ve also won “Denver’s Hottest Showcasing Startup” at the Tech Cocktail Award as part of Denver Startup Week, and have been chosen to participate in an Education Technology Accelerator this spring.

Like Adam Rentschler, who we profiled last week, Campuscene was an idea born out of frustration. “The college search process can be an overwhelming process. The average high schooler has no idea what statistics like average class sizes really mean,” said Meyer who had served as a tour guide throughout his college tenure.

“The students I led on tours never wanted to know any of the stuff we were taught to say, it was an antiquated system.”

Meyer’s co-founder Ryan Schwartz also felt the same about the dated accessibility of information available to prospective college applicants. After graduation Schwartz was a member of Teach for America where he lead college prep courses

Meyer and Schwartz, who had been friends since the age of 10, sought to create a more modern, intelligent way of allowing colleges to best tell their stories. Campuscene provides an aggregation of college information and helps students to make smarter college decisions based on the factors they find most important.

The duo are gearing up for an exciting next stage for the company with plans to launch out of beta in April. And while they’ll be leaving Galvanize for the ed tech incubator in February, they still plan on returning once the program ends.

“Galvanize has been our home since the beginning. It’s here that we got access to partners, great press, and we were able to be inspired by other amazing entrepreneurs,” said Meyer.