A Couple of Dropouts

A Couple of Dropouts

Slaying your goals means facing your fears.

Like dropping out of college to pursue a career in data science.

That’s what Juno & Tyler did. (Juno even walked away from a full ride scholarship!)

Here’s what happened.


Ladies first.

This is Tyler.

This is Juno, and we just graduated from the data science cohort number five here at the [? Plant ?] campus.

I met him in the beginning of the first semester-ish, right?

Yeah, I think it was October something.

We were both feeling kind of unsure in college and we were searching for something meaningful and we just– I just figured out that a lot of our values, like our core values aligned, and we had a [INAUDIBLE] and we do have differing personalities, but I think it works out well.

It didn’t stop her from rejecting me four times though.


I think your most valuable asset is time, and I think that even though I would have to pay for Galvanize and I was walking away from a bunch of free money, I did think that this was a much more fulfilling way to spend my time, and I’m very proud of this decision.

I learn much better when it’s very directed and focused, so with college you have five different classes, four or five different classes at one time. So this was nice for me because it was kind of a time where I only have one goal in mind, one objective, and that was to learn data science. After going through the program it just solidified that belief within me, that it was much better suited to the way I learn. And what I was able to get from this, I feel like will stick with me a lot better than it would have if it was just some class I took in college.

We were both, I think, way more motivated in Galvanize than we were in college. And there were multiple times instructors were like, oh, you just learned a semester of this. And it was funny, but I think that the case study, the projects, and the capstone projects in the end, when we really integrate all the stuff that we learned, it was pretty cool. And I just think that this was a lot more meaningful and fulfilling for me.

I’ve done more work in the past three months than I ever did in senior year and college combined. But–


It’s definitely worth it. So if you’re looking for something that, if you’re the type that feels very fulfilled after you’ve put a lot of work into something and you come up with something amazing at the end, this is definitely a good choice, I think. And the people here are definitely going to do everything in their power to make sure that you succeed.

Yeah, like right after the capstone presentations were over, people were approaching us and they were approaching me about hiring. And I was like, uh, by the way, before you I give you my resume, I don’t have a college degree. And he was like, awesome! And I was like, oh, sweet! So that was pretty cool. There were multiple people who approached me for hiring, and they didn’t care that I didn’t have a degree. So that was pretty awesome.

So that feels good.

Feels really good.

It feels rewarding, like this has paid off a little bit.



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