Galvanize's 5-Year Anniversary

Galvanize's 5-Year Anniversary

Five years doesn’t really feel like that long ago. It was 2012. Facebook went public on the NYSE. Gagnam Style was playing (too much) on the radio . GIFs changed the way we communicate with colleagues forever.

And Galvanize officially opened its doors at 1062 Delaware Street, the first of what has ultimately become eight campuses nationally.

And when I think about all that has happened under those eight Galvanize roofs since 2012, it feels like a lifetime.

On October 17th, 2012, Active Junky joined the fledgling Denver UBER team, SupportLocal, Roximity, and a handful of other energetic Denver startups over a keg and some pizza to establish the first Galvanize community. Shortly after, the first Web Development Immersive program started and the true magic of Galvanize took off. The historic walls at 1062 Delaware once housed a Bank Note startup at the turn of the century, followed by a school in the mid 1980’s – it was only fitting that Galvanize launch on such a strong entrepreneurial and educational foundation.

1062 Delaware was a dynamic learning community where anyone – a passionate entrepreneur, an aspiring engineer, an experienced executive – could make impactful connections, share valuable knowledge, and support one another as they transformed their businesses and lives at Galvanize.

Since October 17th, 2012, we have connected with other tech communities in:

  • San Francisco (January 2014)
  • Boulder (May 2014)
  • Seattle (May 2015)
  • Austin (February 2016)
  • New York City (February 2017)
  • Phoenix (March 2017)

The community and network has strengthened. 2575 Active Members. 1100 Enrolled Students. 50+ Local & National Partners. 275+ Mentors. 2000+ Alumni. $250B dollars fundraised by member companies. 2000+ graduates hired. Fortune 10 Enterprises trained.

Our mission has never changed: to provide resources


          a community

          a home where anyone with the guts, skills and

          determination can succeed in the tech industry.

This is our mission because we know building a company and developing life-changing skills is hard. You need a team. You need resources. You need cheerleaders. You need community. You need courage (and beer and coffee).

How do we know? Heck, we’ve experienced this and had to learn along the way as well. Growing Galvanize over the last five years hasn’t been easy. But it’s been fun. Because of our incredibly dedicated team. Because of our motivated community. Because of our network that feels like family.

Thank you to each and every person who has been part of this journey over the last five years. We are humbled to have played a small part in your lives. Galvanize would not be where it is if it were not for the dreamers, the believers, but most importantly the doers.