5 Reasons Data Scientists Should Attend Text By the Bay


Text By the Bay is the first applied Natural Language Processing (NLP)/search/AI/text data pipeline conference, held at Galvanize’s San Francisco campus on April 24-25. Here are the top 5 reasons you should attend:

1. A Pragmatic Focus: Making NLP Work

NLP is becoming an integral part of our lives — mobile applications, speech, sentiment analysis and so on. There’s huge opportunity when it works, but that requires deep understanding of the algorithms which is non-trivial for even senior software engineers. We put together practitioners who implemented NLP flows in practice successfully. We’ll also have folks who work with the main open-source packages used for NLP and search and can share experiences on what works very quickly. Consider it a crash course in practical NLP.

2. New Text-centric Community

Text By the Bay is a conference from SF Text (sgtext.org), a new community with many interesting member companies. We’ll have presentations by Lucidworks, Quora, Lithium, VigLink, and others, and the conference will bring  together experts and enthusiasts to collaborate and learn in the same place. We’re creating a real community centered around machine understanding of text, meaning, and human intent.

3. See How Global Leaders Understand Human Intent

Top data-driven companies with deep expertise in data mining are presenting at Text By the Bay: Cloudera, Microsoft, AirBnB, Trulia, Nitro, StumbleUpon, and more. You’ll learn about real-life data flows for millions of users, and what works at such a scale.

4. Researchers, Startups, Open-Source Come Together

The three key components of Text By the Bay are the researchers who create leading open-source tools for NLP, the practitioners, mostly startups, creating new businesses with those tools, and the shared process of open-source improvement that creates a cycle of innovation. We want to expand that cycle by sharing code, data, and best practices to enable startups to collaborate with each other and the researchers. We believe even a small startups should be able to push the envelope in NLP.

If you’re new to NLP, we have an excellent Introduction to NLP course by Gabor Melli, the Chief Scientist at VigLink, a company building content-driven commerce.

We also partner with Lucidworks to offer Solr Unleashed, the official Solr/Lucene training.

5. GalvanizeU

This conference will be held at GalvanizeU — a new kind of a education hub centered around data, data-driven companies, and an awesome community workspace. Galvanize hosts startup events almost every day, and the Text By the Bay community is happy to call this campus home.

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