3 Things I learned about Data at Datapalooza

Event on first floor

Last month, the Galvanize team was lucky enough to host Datapalooza, IBM’s 3-day event for data scientists, machine learners, statisticians, and more. While there were way too many sessions to cover here, here are 3 big things we learned about the world of data science at Datapalooza:

All Organizations – not Just Tech – are Jumping on the Data Bandwagon

228 attendees from more than 75 orgs attended the first ever Datapalooza across all sectors, including technology, education, and non-profit. As data science becomes mainstream, we’re going to see even more companies begin to leverage their data in surprising ways. After all, even presidential candidates beginning to see of the importance of their data.

Data Science is Becoming More Diverse

IBM is committed to teaching more than one million data scientists in the next decade. In addition to hosting workshops, supporting open-source software, and lending their help to other data projects, IBM has set aside 150,000 dollars to provide scholarships and tuition assistance to women who want to learn data science. To date, Galvanize has awarded Samaneh Sadighi, Prathishta Rebala and Susie Sun. All of them are now enrolled in the Galvanize 12-week Data Science Immersive in SF.

An Increasing Number of Data Scientists are Using Data to Do Good

Both DataKind and IBM have worked together to kind of their microcredit product, which helps identify needs in developing countries. At Datapalooza, we saw an increasing number of data projects focused on social good, rather than monetary gain. Even our data science students have followed that trend, with one student in our most recent Denver class, focusing on how we can use data science to fight forest fires in real time.

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