Oct 19

Learning to Code: My Story as a Galvanize Web Dev Student

Yep. This isn’t a Dream. I Actually Just Quit My Job. This is happening. It’s real. I’ve quit my job. This time I won’t be spending 6 months hiking miles across the country. Rather, I’ll

Oct 17

Existing Investors Back Galvanize’s Continued Business Growth in Technology Workforce Development

Company’s Increasing Share of Enterprise Customers and Growing Consumer Sector Attracts $7 Million October 17, 2017 DENVER -- Galvanize, the learning community for technology that offers education skilling programs in key technical disciplines and entrepreneur-focused

Oct 12

Galvanize’s 5-Year Anniversary

Five years doesn’t really feel like that long ago. It was 2012. Facebook went public on the NYSE. Gagnam Style was playing (too much) on the radio . GIFs changed the way we communicate with

Oct 11

To OKR, Or Not To OKR – That Is The Question

Setting goals is easy. Understanding and tracking your progress around those goals can be a bit more of a challenge. So where do you start? Thats where OKRs come into play. OKR stands for Objective

Sep 26

Austin Startup Week 2017

After much talk and planning, Austin Startup Week is only a few short days away! Last year, we had over 2,000 visitors join us for panels, investor speed dating, and networking. We can’t wait to

Sep 6

Merging Business and Tech into AI: A Conversation with Data Science Graduate Paulo Arantes

Galvanize alumni embody the diversity of thought, background, and career of our technical community, and we are proud to bring you advice, musings, and missives straight from the minds of our graduates… Paulo Arantes completed

Aug 30

A Message from the Galvanize Founders

Dear Galvanize Community, Yesterday, we restructured and streamlined our workforce, with 37 employees -- primarily at our headquarters -- being impacted. We are very grateful for each of these employees and their contributions, both to your

Aug 8

Politics Won’t Fix It: Empowering Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Solving the Startup Visa Problem

Can we solve the Startup Visa problem with rocket science? Not likely. But a former Caltech rocket engineer just might be able to. Craig Montuori is the brains and leadership behind Global EIR,  a nonprofit

Jul 31

The B Side

Will Johnson walked away from a big time record label in New York City—and discovered he had a passion for data science. Will Johnson stumbled into the music business in his early 20s. On a

Jul 21

Galvanize Entrepreneur Impact Report: Q2, 2017

The 2nd quarter happenings in the Galvanize community included 9-figure funding rounds, industry awards, and company acquisitions. In this second ever Entrepreneur Impact Report, we outline the impact, successes, and growth of our community members.

Jul 12

The Right Move

How Erica Epperson, a single mother with three children, found her way back to coding. Erica Epperson’s life was finally starting to slow down. For the past decade or so, after going through a divorce,

Jul 6

Pitchers & Pitches Denver Recap

What happens when you put 9 startups, 3 judges, 2 kegs, and a 100+ audience members together for 2 hours? Well….lots of cheers, laughs, and suds to start. Last week Galvanize reignited its signature Pitchers

Jun 29

The Future of Entrepreneurship: An ESHIP Summit Recap

The future of entrepreneurship is bright. That is, if myself and 400 of my new friends that attended last week’s ESHIP Summit have anything to do about it. The ESHIP Summit, put on by the

Jun 27

Be Somebody

There came a time last year when piecing together gigs as a musician and freelance photographer wasn’t cutting it anymore for Tosin Awofeso. He needed something he could count on, more of a steady paycheck

Jun 27

Why We Teach Python Instead of R

“Why does the immersive program teach data science in Python instead of R?” is a frequent question from students who are considering joining our immersive program. I have a lot of experience writing both Python

Jun 26

Galvanize Career Coaches Discuss: Landing Your First Tech Job

This post originally appeared on by Mukai Matsiga, Career Services and Partner Relations Manager, Galvanize. So you're looking to land your first job in tech...Great!...And why not? The IT industry is innovative, it's sexy, and

Jun 22

A Simple Guide for Giving a Great Startup Pitch

Pitching. It’s as much a part of startup life as building products and acquiring customers. If you can’t successfully pitch your company, you likely can’t raise money or sell to prospects either. Point is, it’s

Jun 20

Setting a New Precedent

Some people are daunted by the mere thought of making a career change, even when they really want to. Successful people take that challenge as an opportunity. They summon their courage and push themselves to

Jun 16

How to Write Sales Emails That Work

Imagine yourself in a prospect’s office. You’re giving your pitch, trying to intrigue the prospect into learning more about you and your company. You’ve tried to build some rapport, presented compelling information, and turned it

Jun 15

Smarts, Drive, and Grit: Why 2017 is a Promising Year for Women in STEM

This week, NASA graduated its newest class of astronauts. Out of over 18,000 applicants from around the United States and its territories, only 12 people were selected, or less than 1 for every 1,500 who

Jun 8

8 Chill Mixcloud Mixes to Vibe Out to While Coding

With any project, sometimes it’s hard to get in the zone and actually get something done. While we can’t open your laptop for you, we can definitely help get your mind ready. Check out some

Jun 6

Because Soap and Chocolate are Two Different Things: Context is Key to the Job Search

If you showed up at New York’s Beacon Theatre on August 17, ready to see the Beach Boys, and a heavily bearded, former MLB fastball pitcher took the might be perplexed. If a member

Jun 5

Progressive Web Apps Are The Future

Get the lowdown on Progressive Web Apps – why PWAs are the freshest way to reach more users and create richer user experiences and engagement. All right, everybody. Welcome to "Progressive Web Apps Are the

Jun 2

It Was All A Dream

“I never know what I’m doing until I figure it out. I realized that half the time none of us know what we’re doing until we land it. So, we’re all experimenting and trying things out

Jun 1

How to Build a Content Marketing Funnel for Your Startup

For most of recent history, humans have purchased the brands they recognized. And the brands that were recognized were the ones with enormous advertising budgets that could spend their way into the forefront of your